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The Moral and The Practical: Bedfellows Finally

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These two commercials do what advertising is supposed to do – and in an all-around wholesome manner. Unlike so many commercials these days – many of them documented on this blog – this commercial doesn’t substitute psychological manipulation for merit (or even for informative substance completely). Instead it educates the viewer about the existence of a product and/or it’s features, and because it does that, it can legitimately entertain him aswell (which it does, in an uplifting and rational manner).

It is rational to have a certain degree of contempt for criminals, because it is an indirect way of taking pride in oneself for having achieved the traits of character civility requires. It is rational to contrast one’s own lifestyle with that of someone headed to prison, because it is an indirect way of celebrating the rewards of those character traits. The humor employed in this commercial is not meant to belittle, and therefore excuse and enable, any kind of self-destructive behavior – but instead calls upon the best within people in order to be enjoyed.

The contrast between what the police commissioner gets to enjoy and the criminal get to “enjoy” (because of who they are) is a nice dramatization of the connection between broad, abstract character traits such as objectivity, courage, and justice with specific, material values like the pleasure of playing fantasy football.


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September 5, 2013 at 5:21 pm

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