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A comment left on Youtube about this commercial sums it up perfectly:

“this just shows exactly what is wrong with people and their phones today. everyone lives through the little 4 inch screen on their cell phones now. no one just stops to enjoy the life around them. they have to pull out their phones and record everything. why? because you might forget the event? of course you aren’t going to remember it well if you never even witnessed it first hand. you watched it through your phone while it was happening. put down the phones and enjoy life as it happens people.”

This commercial is meant to appeal to people with exactly that problem. People who know that they have that problem, and who feel bad about having that problem. People who want to do something about that problem. It is meant to make them feel as though the solution isn’t psychological in nature, but technological.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with recording worthy events, and if technology allows one to do so without compromising his ability to enjoy (or compromising the event itself), that is a wonderful achievement that the producers of the technology should be proud of, but again, not if it comes at the expense of prolonging an underlying neurosis. If someone is so psychologically ill that he can’t enjoy an experience unless it is documented, then even if that happens, he still won’t enjoy it. All he will do is look for something else besides the experience – some minor situational imperfection (real or imagined) – to fixate upon.

Nokia is willing to exploit that. To contribute to the continued presence of mental illness within people in order to make sales. Typical behavior in contemporary America’s hamstrung, over-taxed, over-regulated “capitalism.” Informed, rational decision-making is no longer the engine of commerce that causes things to happen. Manipulative flattery – and the resulting irrationality – is. The long-term consequences of doing one’s part to ensure that the culture remains that way be damned.


Written by commercialanalysis

September 3, 2013 at 6:53 am

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