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Evasion Through Hyperbole

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This commercial, obviously, is hyperbole. No one seriously thinks that 5 Hour Energy will make a person able to do these things. What, then, is the point in making the claim that they will? It is to entertain people – but what do people find entertaining about it? Most people know that 5 Hour Energy isn’t a solution to being chronically without energy. They grasp, consciously or subconsciously, that it’s a topical remedy. A means of treating the symptoms of an underlying problem instead of the problem itself. However, even though most people grasp this, they don’t live as if it were true (ie: they do nothing – or at least not enough – to fix the underlying problem, and instead continually use 5 Hour Energy as if it were a real, tenable solution). This causes anxiety and shame, and so this commercial would be appealing because it alleviates those feelings momentarily (ie: it allows people to think to themselves “I don’t expect 5 Hour Energy to do that for me, so what I do seek from it must be legitimate. Just because I consume it habitually – instead of only periodically – doesn’t mean that I expect to receive unrealistic benefits from it (ie: normal, sustained energy levels without the side-effects of taking such a potent product).”

5 Hour Energy’s producers know that their product can’t stand on it’s own merits – it’s too obviously a product with only marginal (at best) value – and so they must result to these sorts of psychological tricks in order to maintain sales. Such is the nature of “capitalism” in today’s over-taxed, over-regulated economy. Truly mutually-beneficial exchanges are a liability, while manipulative, predatory ones are the key to success.


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August 20, 2013 at 8:10 pm

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