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A Commercial About Avocados

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This an example of what a commercial should be. While it entertains, it does so while also informing the consumer about the product (in this case it’s existence). The entertainment value doesn’t undermine or distract from advertising’s primary purpose, so it is completely appropriate. Not only that, but the entertainment itself is actually a good example of wholesome humor. It is a mockery of the of “social metaphysician”, which deserves to be mocked. It takes such a mentality to it’s logical, absurd, self-defeating consequences, and in doing so compliments anyone who is not a “social metaphysician.” Someone who, in this example, wants avocado because it is good (and not necessarily popular), and leaves it at that (because she doesn’t need to be seen as liking the good, regardless of if she actually does).


Written by commercialanalysis

June 5, 2013 at 10:42 am

Posted in Food and Drink

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