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Character Fabrication

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Effectively, there is no difference between doing the right thing simply because someone is looking – and you’re afraid of the consequences of not doing it – and doing the right thing just so that you can later on tell people about it – even though they haven’t asked. Both are still distinct from doing the right thing just because it’s what you know to be right and it’s what you want to do. What Chrysler is doing here, in this ad, is attempting to dispel it’s still-present (and still-deserved) reputation as being an unprincipled, politically-connected company without having to come right out and say that that’s what they’re doing (since to do so would make give it no hope of being convincing).

If Chrysler really were composed of people who found it impossible to bring themselves to do things besides produce a valuable and superior product in order to make a profit, they wouldn’t have to say it (and especially not by means of saying that they’re not saying it while they’re saying it). Instead, they would just let the intelligence of the consumer take it’s natural course. They would be patient and wait, confident in the knowledge that because their product is better than it’s competitors, it will eventually be recognized as such and embraced.

This commercial – while somewhat informative – is ultimately a crass attempt to manipulate the consumer into returning to Chrysler an undeserved esteem simply because they know that – given their behavior in the past – they don’t deserve the business of the demographic this ad is trying to reach (the morally conscientious); despite the fact that their product might actually be superior.


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April 16, 2012 at 12:47 am

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