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So Metlife, in it’s Superbowl ad tonight, claimed that “…every family, everywhere should have the financial security they need. Not just the ones who can figure it out…”

The ad also included the usual allusions to discrimination based upon things like where people are from, or if they are born into a wealthy family, but this is the first time that, to my knowledge, discrimination based upon mental insufficiency has been explicitly, publicly, denounced in a mainstream venue (and certainly in the mainstream venue, The Super Bowl).

It is wrong, of course, to claim that if someone is more financially successful than you are, it is only because he is from a more prestigious part of the country, or a more prestigious family – but if you are desperate to find the best in someone who makes such a claim, you can at least remember that such injustices have existed in the (distant, ironically pre-American) past (or, maybe, do still exist in some marginal, inconsequential parts of the culture today), and so you can conclude that what motivates an every day American like him to file this complaint is a genuine hatred of injustice. That his attitude – emotionally at least – is still American, even though it is extremely twisted intellectually. That even though he is tragically mistaken, he at least believes that his failure is because his “rights” were violated, and not because he carelessly, nihilistically wishes to violate the rights of another (in order to “correct” some uncorrectable metaphysical given).

Tonight, however, what I witnessed was new. What does it say about a culture when now not even a pretense is made at correcting “injustice” in order to justify actual injustice; and instead the actual injustice – subjugating the interests of the able in order to (ineffectively) serve the interests of the disabled – is flaunted openly, proudly, as a good thing? Have we reached a new low? I think so.

Furthermore, what does it say when this perversion is not even funded by some kind of wishy-washy, feel good “public interest” non-profit group, or a government agency, but instead by an ostensibly for-profit, self-interested, capitalist company? How precarious is our situation, really, if major companies like Metlife are willing to behave so wrecklessly?


Written by commercialanalysis

February 6, 2012 at 1:06 am

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