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Black Friday

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In other words: if you acknowledge a flaw, it’s okay to continue indulging it. The rationale for getting up at inconvenient hours, taking time away from a holiday ostensibly spent with friends and family, and putting up with enormous crowds of people is the financial savings. However, that rationale has worn so thin – it’s become so obvious that “Black Friday” is a net loss for those who partake in it – that the only way to continue to harm oneself is to pretend that one isn’t really harming oneself. In other words: if partaking in “Black Friday” really were harmful, that is what it would look like. No one actually does that, so it couldn’t be harmful (and proceed to evade the fact that the quality of life costs are no worth the financial savings – to say nothing of the fact that most of the purchases are not even legitimate wants or needs anyway, but simply concocted as a pretext to partake in the shopping itself).


Written by commercialanalysis

November 20, 2011 at 7:18 pm

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