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The reason why this commercial is expected to be funny to every day people is because every day people – regardless of their conscious political beliefs – are in fact subconsciously aware of how out of control their government actually is. It violates the rights of individuals in a myriad of ways each and every day, but because its always done indirectly, politely, in ways that are so common most people don’t even realize what they are losing, and because such actions are always given a moral (ie: altruist) justification, it doesn’t bother most people enough to do anything serious to oppose it.

This commercial gives those people relief. It lets them think to themselves “at least they’re not doing that” (even though they might as well be, because what they are doing is tantamount to this). Directv wants to be liked not for the quality of their products, but in a personified manner. The company wants to be seen as being able to understand it’s customers and the things that secretly trouble them – all so that it can encourage them to purchase yet another product that will help them avoid having to take that subconscious awareness, turn it into conscious understanding, and then, maybe, do something about their out of control government.


Written by commercialanalysis

October 28, 2010 at 3:52 am

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