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And Yet It Didn’t…

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“Long ago, the streets were packed with horses. Producing millions of pounds of – emissions, every day. Experts thought that the city would be buried. But then our company founders had an idea that changed the way we move, forever.”

Notice what the ad did not say: that the owners of horses were forced to keep paying taxes, while the owners of automobiles were allowed to deduct the cost of their purchase from their tax liability. It didn’t say that the sellers of horses were required, by law, to devote a percentage of their resources to the development of horseless transportation methods. It didn’t say any of that because none of that happened. Instead, free people in a free economy saw a problem, developed a for-profit means of fixing that problem, and the people who were suffering from that problem paid for the solution and enjoyed the benefits.

Are our cities congested with, or predicted by experts to about to be become congested with, cars and C02? Evidently not any more than they were congested with horse manure a century ago. Otherwise, companies like Mercedes Benz would be developing low-emmisions vehicles – not because they’re legally required to, or because they want to entice customers with tax deductions – but because they want profit; just like they did long ago.

An honest study of history will show that the automobile was invented for reasons far more important than reducing horse waste on city streets. People wanted to travel faster, safer, more comfortably, and at less cost than horses provided. Is that the reason why Mercedes Benz is working on Blue Efficiency? Hardly. It is fine that private companies are seeking to find a way to have cars produce less, or even no, carbon emissions. Having the modern convenience of automobiles without any of their draw backs would be an achievement. However, for Mercedes Benz to camouflage the actual reason why, suddenly, they’re concerned with this problem underneath a veil of capitalist self-interest is nothing except a recipe for their continued destruction. They’re playing directly into the hands of the politically-powerful anti-capitalists they’re forced to operate under. Not only are they doing what such people want them to do, they’re helping them pretend to the public that it’s what they, as a for-profit company, desire to do.


Written by commercialanalysis

October 4, 2010 at 1:02 am

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