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Theme and Variation

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What is beautiful about this commercial is the conflation and integration of recreation and work. It is an artistic recognition of the fact that the same spiritual traits which make enjoying a summer day at the beach or in the back yard possible are those which make automobiles possible. While one may involve almost exclusively an emotional component, and not require much conscious attention – and the other almost exclusively the opposite – unless both are present within an individual (or the individuals who comprise a car company), neither is possible. It would be easy to claim, as an altruist would, that owning a car is what makes a day at the beach possible – and that what Mercedes Benz is doing here is trying to say that that’s why it does what it does – but the correct answer is that work has a spiritual component in just the same way as recreation has an intellectual one.

Here, the people of Mercedes Benz are not telling you what they can do for you, they are telling you what they are, and what they believe you are, and expecting you to respect them – just as you respect yourself. They know that with genunine respect, from genuinely respectable people, come sales of their products.

UPDATE: Here is another, even more eloquent, example of the point Mercedes Benz artfully, skillfully, elegantly, and compellingly makes in the other commercial:


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August 11, 2010 at 2:23 pm

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