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Your Work and Your Happiness Isn’t a “Game”

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Why do politicians – who are literally working every day to ruin our lives – receive no serious opposition when they say one thing to one constituency and say a contradictory thing to another? Everyone – for, against, and undecided – knows that they do it, yet they don’t make the obvious point that this proves that the candidate lacks the character necessary to sit in a position of power. Why isn’t that said, when that fact alone would be far more devestating to their schemes than any direct opposition to the schemes themselves ever could be?

The reason is that because as much as people like to believe that the people are of one breed and politicans another, most every day people have more in common with politicans than they have distinguishing them. That this ad campaign is able to be produced, and that the company is confident that they will be able to get away with it, is a case in point. Honda employed this same tactic with these ads some months ago. Evidently more and more companies are coming to believe that because they’re selling a product, as opposed to garnering votes, that what they’re doing when they prostitute their souls is somehow not the same thing.

Producing a product is an act of moral integrity. In order to do it one must decide what is right. What works to achieve it, whether it is worth achieving, and if one is worthy of achieving it. Success implies firm answers to those questions, and a committment to those answers. Why spit on that integrity simply to increase one’s market share?

This is all that needs to be said about these particular ads:

So a cap which doubles as a shot glass isn’t a perfect example of “velvet ropes and posturing”? Of course it is, but the people who think so won’t remember the second commercial. They’ll only remember the first one – where 1800 Tequila is straight forward and simple. Similarly, the people who regard honesty and a lack of pretentiousness as a threat to their own pretentiousness won’t remember the first one, and only respond to the fact that the bottle cap doubling as a shot glass would be a good way to make themselves seem more interesting than they actually are. Or, worse, if either type of person ever actually realizes what’s going on, their momentary sense of feeling insulted will most likely be replaced by a secret admiration for the advertisers “getting the job done” and making the viewer like them momentarily. This is how subhuman politicans are elected and, evidently, it is how liquor is sold.


Written by commercialanalysis

July 14, 2010 at 6:32 am

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