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Race Like a Big Boy…

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… or just play a video game that more convincingly mimicks the big boys than other games do.

The philosophical root of this commercial is relativity. Not moral relativity, but metaphysical relativity. Moral relativity is actually what is being criticized here (“racing isn’t about winning, it’s about making friends”), but in doing so it is excusing the customer’s sense of metaphysical relativity. Essentially, this is the idea that because you are better than others (those who play less realistic racing video games), that’s enough. You are now a “big boy”. You have now fulfilled your potential, and there’s no longer any need to put down the controller and actually go out and learn how to race in the real world. What this company is selling is the promise of a momentary escape from a chronic sense of uneasiness for having betrayed one’s self.

As bad as the idea that winning or losing isn’t important is, it is nowhere near as insidious – and in fact is born from – the idea that being better than someone else means being one’s best.


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June 9, 2010 at 12:16 am

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