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Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin, Indeed.

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If you were really comfortable with where you are in your life, you would not find this characterization of everything you’ve done to get there flattering. It wouldn’t have any effect on you – since the entire tone of it is resentful against “society” for “imposing” all of these “contradictory” standards and expectations on you – and if you were told explicitly that you really feel this way, you’d be insulted.

Why can Dove get away with making this point? Why is what is being said implicitly not made explicit and then rejected? Because many men in this culture are defeated, worn down, complacent. They’re perfectly happy to be bought off at low prices with things like fashionable body wash and sarcastic little commercials. They’ll accept the notion that part of being a man is learning to live with private unhappiness and resentment, and that psychological or existential change (which ever is necessary) are pointless. After all, there’s Dove’s new line of body wash products to give you a reliable, daily, if momentary, escape from all that.


Written by commercialanalysis

February 23, 2010 at 6:11 pm

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