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The Best Commercial of the Year

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Aesthetically, this commercial is beautiful. The simplicity, clarity, and boldness in color and lighting of each and every shot is stunning. They are juxtaposed perfectly, creating a smooth flow throughout. Obviously, the tone of the music is synchronized perfectly with the emotions expressed by the objects, but more than that, what is particularly satisfying is that unlike most of the “sad” objects, the “happy” objects were automatically happy. Certainly all of them were the result of human action, but the actions producing “sad” faces were more temporary (a hanger hanging on a door nail, a shower curtain pulled just so), whereas the “happy” faces were more durable and designed to appear how they do (the structure of a set of headphones, the front of an airplane) – even though the designers were oblivious to the “emotion” of the thing when they made their decisions. That communicates the notion that harmony, success, resiliancy – happiness – is far more durable and everlasting than the random, transient nature of unhappiness. What better message, if what you’re trying to sell is insurance?

The whole piece is exceptionally creative. It serves it’s purpose by communicating big ideas without losing sight of it’s specific message, it empathizes with potential customers by recognizing that the loss and replacement of items is not just a financial transaction, but an emotional experience, and because of it’s design quality it creates in the viewer’s mind an emotional state which allows him to engage that specific message with the best he has before deciding whether or not to take American Express up on their offer.


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December 7, 2009 at 3:39 am

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