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Johnnie Walker, Keep Making Commercials…

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This commercial is excellent.  The style – especially the music – is engaging.  The entire advertisement says to the viewer “Look at this, this is important.”  And it is important.  While the connection between such Earth-shaking events like the birth of human flight, or the Civil Rights movement and making whiskey may not be obvious, there is a connection; and this commercial demonstrates it beautifully.

Purposeful, rational action – of any sort and on any scale – as the commercial observes, requires the same state of mind and movements no matter what.  In fact, it is of such small, seemingly innocuous action, such as making whiskey, that great movement, such as profound political changes, are made.  The types of people who strive for excellence with the tasks immediately before them are the same types who are willing to fight for excellence in the broader, less personal aspects of human existence.

Congratulations to the Wright Brothers of the 1900’s, the New York City construction workers of the 1930’s, the civil rights marchers and the astronauts of the 1960’s, and the anti-communist Berliners of the 1980’s.  They all deserve a toast.  Thank goodness that the whiskey maker Johnnie Walker, in the 1840’s, took his love for great spirits and followed through with them – else that toast couldn’t be made.


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October 19, 2009 at 3:13 am

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