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Starbucks VIA’s Challenged Taste

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This is an easy, but important commercial to analyze.  The man at the Town Hall meeting is angry about something he shouldn’t be angry about.  In fact, he should be happy.  He’s getting exactly the same tasting cup of coffee in a fraction of the time.  Nevertheless, he’s mad.  Only people who get irrationally upset by progress have attended the recent Town Hall meetings, is the implication.  Ad hominem, basically.  More specifically, the message is “you must be crazy if you oppose The President’s health care reforms.”  Certainly not the type of low brow humor you’re expected to expect from the sophisticated liberals who make up Starbuck’s clientele. Those who don’t pay close attention to liberals regard them as above the frey, so what gives?

Starbucks is saying that it believes Obamacare to be a good thing – progress – and that it’s so obviously progress, any complaints about it by it’s opponents has about as much credibility as someone being angry that his coffee is ready sooner than he had expected.

This is one of the last remnants of the left side of the culture’s long-dying, long-discredited claim that they share the pro-progress, pro-wealth, pro-industry American outlook, but merely differ upon how to achieve it.  A planned economy versus as free economy.  It’s not a coincidence that the only leftists who still try to make this claim to other leftists are the corporate leftists trying to make a buck selling coffee.


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October 15, 2009 at 5:21 pm

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