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Bud Light Imbibed at the Office

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Lately, Bud Light commercials have been featuring alot of blatantly irrational behavior.  Previous installments include men aboard a sinking ship, and one “brave” soul going back into the hold, risking his life, in order to save the boat’s cache of Bud Light.  Another, set at a back yard barbeque, describes the “resolution” of a perdicament involving two men who have both reached for the last available bottle of Bud Light.  Amicably, in a civilized manner, they agree to a game of “rock, paper, scissors” to decide who will get it.  Suddenly, at the conclusion of the game, one man throws an actual rock at the other, knocking him over, and taking possesion of the beer. Walking away, the “victor” (his opponet had chosen ‘paper’, so the victor was actually the loser) innocently, unregrettfully explains “I chose ‘rock.'”

What do overt physical assaults, pointless endangerment, and blatant rule breaking defended by yet more physical violence have to do with one another?  Many of these types of things are done while people are under the influence of none other than… Bud Light!

Certainly people can behave irrationally while sober, and even if not sober, alcohol isn’t the primary culprit, however the liklihood of such behavior increases dramatically while drunk.  If anything, even when sober, the personal and professional complications that come with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol also induce people to do irrational things.

Overall, what this commercial – and the others like it – does is to make light of, and thus reinforce the conviction held by many alcoholics that the world is an unfair place, that people cannot be counted on to do the right thing, and that even if you were to try to change it, you would fail.

Such notions are a perfect recipe for despondency and resignation.  Two things people frequently turn to alcohol in order to cope with.


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October 13, 2009 at 5:01 pm

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